Virtual Accounts Department

Growing businesses often don’t have the time or resource to set up a full accounting function within the business, so BM2020 Limited can take care of your day-to-day accounting needs and provide you with a single point of contact, so that you can focus on what you do best - growing and managing your business!

Our experience shows us that if you use a “Virtual Accounts Department”, you’ll save money and time, which are always the top concerns for businesses. You can also feel confident that BM2020 Limited has the right financial and accounting skills and qualifications to manage the accounts element of your business. Using our Virtual Service means that you can also ensure all of your accounting, financial and bookkeeping needs are managed from one place, so you don’t have to worry about acting as the go-between for your accountant and bookkeeper!

Fixed Monthly Fee

At BM2020 Limited, we also know that having a single monthly manageable cost makes things simpler - so we offer clients a fixed monthly fee.

Virtual Services offered by BM2020 Limited:

-    Recording daily transactions in an appropriate accounting package
-    Raising Sales invoices promptly (helping with cashflow)
-    Chasing invoice payments (critical, but time consuming to any business)
-    Arranging supplier payments
-    Operating and Managing all relevant financial controls
-    Preparing and filing VAT returns
-    Managing and running payroll (monthly or weekly)
-    Preparing monthly management accounts, according to your business requirements
-    Reporting such as weekly or monthly sales or debtor reports

Tailored to your business

Our Virtual Services can be tailored to your business, whether you need one or all of our accounting services!

As part of our Virtual Services, BM2020 Limited will provide you with a dedicated client accountant who is available to support you in all of your accounting and financial management needs.

Easy and Cost Effective

We realise that financial management and accounting can be a minefield for businesses, so we aim to make it easy and cost effective for you. You’ll never need to worry about missing a VAT deadline, or the complexities of running payroll. You can be fully aware of your financial position in terms of cash flow, supplier and debtor payments and we can help you understand the financials behind your business, without the need for jargon.

If you’re looking to grow your business, or seeking business finance, then understanding your management accounts is key to recognising the potential of your business. We can help give you the tools to make more informed decisions about the direction of your business, and assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Case Study

Business reduces financial management costs by nearly 50%!

A small firm of corporate finance advisors were looking to improve the way in which they managed their financial department, whilst reducing costs. BM2020 Limited looked at the business requirements and realised that the cost of the employees within the finance function were out of proportion to the business needs and were able to offer a full-service virtual accounts department at a fraction of the cost. The client now relies on BM2020 Limited to manage their bookkeeping, payroll and monthly management accounts as well as other elements of the finance function, offering a single point of contact and a consistent and reliable approach.


“Streetcar first started using 2020 within a few months of our incorporation. Stephen Kelly and his team have since carried out all of our key finance functions, including Management Accounts, Statutory Accounts, Payroll, VAT returns, Corporation Tax and Company Secretarial, as well as providing a “virtual FD” service which gave us advice on key areas of our finance strategy. Across all of these disciplines, 2020 have proven to be utterly reliable, providing accurate output within the required timescales, even when the deadlines were extremely tight. We recently completed a major investment from a Private Equity company. Through this period, our demands for increasingly sizeable pieces of work within shorter and shorter timescales were met by 2020, and they were instrumental in us successfully completing the investment. The “virtual FD” service offered by 2020 has proven extremely useful to Streetcar – during our growth phase when we couldn’t afford our own Finance Director, having access to an experienced finance professional was invaluable, and Stephen Kelly’s carefully measured advice has frequently given us the direction we needed. Streetcar has today grown to the point where we need, and can afford to bring our finance function in house, however I would strongly recommend 2020’s services to any growing company looking to outsource their finance activities. “

Andrew Valentine, Co-Founder of Streetcar.

“Since the inception of VHC Partners LLP in 2002, 2020 has provided us with excellent service. This ranged from actual book keeping to payroll to preparation of the audit files for our annual audits. As an FSA regulated entity, timing and accuracy were of course extremely important and Stephen and his team did an excellent job at this.”

Hans van Hoof,  Founder VHC Partners LLP.